Creative Writer

Hi I’m Paige. If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I like to dance. My words dance across the page. My heart, my eyes, they dance when I take on a project I am exceptionally passionate about. My body dances under the glittering disco ball when the music is good and the mood in the room is just right, or it bounces on the sidewalk for everyone to see when a groovy song is blasting into my headphones. My story begins on a dance floor, and I’m more than sure that’s where it will end. Being a music-obsessed social (media) butterfly, I quickly found myself woven into the heart of the Toronto underground scene, expanding into Montreal and Ibiza all in the span of a year, finding myself holding a bigger role in the party than just being a smiling face in the crowd. With a deep, undying passion for the music, the world of PR within has been a perfect fit. In September 2015, I created The Sound Diaries, a blog dedicated to marrying music and words to the house and techno collective, who believe that music always has a story to tell. Expanding, The Sound Diaries now features a podcast, and a series of pop-up after-parties dedicated to creating a comfortable, intimate experience for party-goers and showcasing and creating relationships with local and international talent. Whether I’m promoting, writing, or coordinating events, the end goal is always to conjure up magic and bask in it.

So, I have two questions for you; do you believe in magic, and do you like to dance?