Director, Photographer, & Cinematographer


Anna Bek is a director, photographer, and cinematographer hailing from Nashville, TN where she began working in live music events, music videos, and television shows. She moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California’s Film & Television Production program through the school of Cinematic Arts as well as a the Fine Arts program with a focus on photography. She grew up in the dark room and color lab, putting in a beautiful 9 years before the proliferation of digital media. She considers herself to be a romantic photographer, reading light, gesture, and meaning into the conceptual side of her creations. She has put in time in almost all departments over the years but remembers her time most fondly working in VFX for MKVFX on shows such as Scandal, Justified, How to Get Away with Murder, and Revolution. She has directed second unit for international productions and who’s production company, Pineview Pictures produced the Bluegrass Music feature film, The Porchlight Sessions. Her favorite trait is being small but mighty – being able to get the shot from even the tiniest of spaces. She enjoys interviewing and directing people and sees the connection between her subjects to be of the utmost importance to capture those soulful moments.