Styling, Social Media & Presenting

Since I can remember I have been collecting items from Op Shops, car boot sales, hand me downs, stuff out of my grandmas wardrobe. Cutting it up, chucking a belt around it and turning it into something new. I am constantly becoming attached to items that I would never wear but cannot bare to leave in the bottom of a 1 euro barrel in France, in an op shop on the highway from Sydney to Melbourne. I have even bought clothing off drunk girls backs in the bathrooms of nightclubs. After completing my Diploma in Fashion Business I decided getting someone else their coffee for a year was not for me. Being a stylist or designer was always my passion and now I have found a creative outlet for all those things. Sequin undies, Gold capes, vintage nike. These clothes are all apart of seminal moments of my life. These are pieces that defined my style when I had become the person I always wanted to be.

Come in, Come in. We have some flax golden tales to spin.